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Hello all,

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile, I've been busy. I've been getting some actual paying photography jobs so I've been working on taking photos and editing them. I also now have a blog and a facebook page and I would much appreciate it if you could "like" me and follow me there as well. I'm trying to get my name out there.


my blog:

my personal blog: chocolate-coveredlove.blogspot…
C'est la vie... Such is life.

Money troubles are on many peoples minds these days, just like me. My daughter just seems to suck up any extra cash that I have. And I still have student loans to pay off!

I am offering photography and photoshop services and drawings for pay.

Photography for those in the Chicago area only.
Portraits, Weddings, etc. (pets included)

Photoshop skills open to anyone.
I can edit and alter photos for your own personal or professional use.
(i.e. brightening or darkening photos, changing skin hue, "taking off weight", etc.)

My drawings are on my :icondhria: account but I'll add it to this journal entry anyway.
I can draw humans, animals, and landscapes - pretty much anything but I do do realistic work.

Or donations are appreciated if someone is feeling generous.

Send me a note if you're interested!

Roof by Uncaged    Blank White Walls by Uncaged

Greta - too dark by Uncaged    Greta - fixed by Uncaged

April and Tim - unedited by Uncaged    April and Tim 2 by Uncaged

Lauren - unedited by Uncaged    Lauren by Uncaged

Isabelle Drawing by Uncaged    Isabelle by Dhria

Frenchman by Uncaged    Frenchman by Dhria
I apologize for the slowness in uploading photos but having a baby really slows things down. I really only get to spend major time on art when she's sleeping, which tends to be at night - when I want to sleep too... sigh.

I promise I'll get more up when I can. :)
My baby has been born!
She was born on February 7, 2011. Her name is Aria Grace Castaneda. :)
I love her. I'll get photos up when I can.
I know it has been FOREVER since I've regularly uploaded photos but I've been pretty preoccupied for the past few months.


Five months along now, and I'm working... and I don't have my own laptop anymore and my boyfriend's computer is a netbook, which means it doesn't have a CD drive which in turn means I can't install Photoshop or Lightroom on it. BLAH. So I have to resort to Picnik to edit photos. Which pretty much sucks.

As soon as I can get my own laptop, I'm sure you'll notice the difference in uploading times. lol...
I'm going to try and do the 52 week photo challenge starting this week, I took this list from here:…

Week Topics in Order:

Chair -…
Cocktail -…
Color: Red
Color: White
Color: Green
Color: Brown
Color: Yellow
Color: Blue
Door knob
Color: Orange
Color: Black
Color: Purple
Color: Pink

That's the link for my facebook group for my photography, please become a fan!
So my current short list of camera equipment that I wish I had the money for includes:

Canon EOS 7D
Canon EOS 5D Mark II
Canon EF 135mm f/2.8 with Soft-focus
Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
Remote control for triggering the shutter (not sure on the cost of this though)

And except for the remote... this all comes to a grand total of $5,647.98

And I am a poor college student. how sad.
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Journal Entry: Mon Nov 9, 2009, 10:29 AM

So... haven't updated for several months. I only have 2 weeks until my Thanksgiving break and then 2 1/2 weeks after that I get off for Christmas break! YAY!

I have an exam on Wednesday in my Western Civilizations II class. Eugh. Hopefully I will get a B on it. That's what I'm aiming for. I;ve registered for classes next semester, and I have 18 credits to do... O_o

And what is up with this weather?! It's being going up and down since October. We even had like 3 inches of snow randomly on October 16th. Western New York has crazy weather. Most days it's pretty rainy and highs and lows of 45-20. Somewhere in there. But yesterday it was 60 degrees! It was pretty amazing. And I think today it was about 50.. hopefully it won't get cold again too soon.

Well that's enough of my rambling.

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So... I'm pretty terrible at updating my journal entries.

I'm off to college in exactly one week. Well, now it's about just under a week. I leave on Saturday the 23rd. My dad is driving me up. I'm excited... but sad. Mostly due to the fact that my boyfriend of 7 months is staying here in Chicago, and I'm going to be up in Western New York at Houghton College. A ten-hour drive away. Sad.
So... I'm going to be in Rockford visiting my family for a week starting tomorrow. We're having a family reunion for my dad's side of the family. I haven't seen these cousins in about 2 years. Although they do make me feel short. They are 8, 14 and 16 and the 14-year-old and the 16-year-old are at least 4 inches taller than my 5'6". :P A bright side of this coming week is that my 19th birthday is on Saturday! Woot! Since I'm still visiting relatives then I'll have to celebrate with friends when I get back... Although I have no idea what we could do. Oh wells.
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Fifth and final in the series of features.. I decided to do a series of features of photographs sorted by hair color. Blonde. "Red". Brunette. Black. Dyed.

my rainbow hair by breaktheSTORM :thumb103891449: Hair Rainbow-Turqoise by ImWorseAtWhatIDoBest Hair Art. by Tiffy-The-Bomb
rainbow splash?XD by Dizzy330 Dizzy is back by Dizzy330 _artificial flower by sophiaazhou Green Hair by Miserably-Optimistic
Hair Raising by MyLaundryStinks Time that you enjoy wasting, by disco-ball :thumb86050446: :thumb50656582:
:thumb91329093: Fight fire with hair by robo-rock fire hair by coffeesong Orange Army 3 by Marciedip
Multipass by ulorinvex Hair by SindelChaos Green Blonde Hair by kuebicore green by rockstarslovenadi
My Freaking Awesome Hair by counterXintelligence Perspective by Basistka redhead by xXautumn-dreamsXx
Only you by Basistka blue hair by megstrangler :thumb90208903: blue by evegetsnaked Pink and Purple Hair 3 by littlehippy Purple Wave by BlackCarrionRose Purple by AstarothPriestess
Fourth in the series of features.. I decided to do a series of features of photographs sorted by hair color. Blonde. "Red". Brunette. Black. Dyed. Mostly girls, but I made sure to include some boys.

.Hair by Aiwendillie Gabrielle 6 by Laura-Ferreira .Small.. by Miuaw
Innocence by deadly-lilli :thumb113213078: :thumb58604131:
sam 145 by MichalTokarczuk Softly by PlastikStars
Kamilla by Heleneee Waiting on the world to change by FurtiveLungs :thumb100063636:
Yin-Yang by idaniphotography :thumb115513076: Black Candy by zenibyfajnie
... by greycamera Angelica by Amersill :thumb105404036:
Anna 27 by Hardcoreboy A slice of life by douapuncteics .Ou. by Psychosomaticc
intermission by bailey--elizabeth Chocolate II by jakegarn
D. by zemotion .S.A.F.E. by Mich31 :thumb91286675:
:thumb92204162: :thumb84904538: ID by TheTragicTruth-Of-Me
Waiting by joelle-t27 Indian girl smoking pipe by juanitalenteja

:thumb122351227: Drake by jeffslater A TIPIC MEXICAN? by ramisax
53 by v001
Third in the series of features.. I decided to do a series of features of photographs sorted by hair color. Blonde. "Red". Brunette. Black. Dyed. Mostly girls, but I made sure to include some boys.

:thumb111994649: Hm? by k-Aziel Unique by BabyLondon
R. II by steeerne Solemn by Uncaged Gravity by latticeworkopines
:thumb107496128: Antique by Asilwen the one with the curls by inge1902
T I L T by Uncaged BIG hair by Anvanya1981 Shmee Version II by emilymartian
Brown Eyed Girl by Aisii :thumb73664863: :thumb108513568:
Le Miroir des Reves by Danuva :thumb66427557: :thumb122810546:
:thumb122198469: i don't think so by LittleFlair what can i call it by LaChatRose
:thumb94821090: ILY by FurtiveLungs ethiopio by aparatka
tomato by bailey--elizabeth .Ou. by Psychosomaticc :thumb44335541:
Why by HollyMossArt :thumb109472285: Me and arrogant?Certainly..Not by FeelTheWorld
January ID 2008 by sa-photographs

Grant IV by leahrhianne :thumb95575841: :thumb115476822:
je ne veux pas travailler by ironizujacy THE KISS by ramisax Brown Tones by sxywoman
:thumb91134573: Classique by petebritney :thumb99884926:
Second in the series of features.. I decided to do a series of features of photographs sorted by hair color. Blonde. "Red". Brunette. Black. Dyed. Mostly girls, but I made sure to include some boys.

Many ways home by girltripped Red Apple by brooze Stupid photo of me by garazi
Summer ID by zucch3rino Sarah's Red Hair by saadfm Autumn by littlemewhatever
Headphones by Stridsberg .Strange Habit Remix. by Miuaw Natural Red? by MeganMeyer
:thumb43207425: various times by muszka
pretend, I Love You II by bye-bye-omoide .frozen. by TakeMyWorldApart fly II by focoloco
:thumb80914875: Red-haired fall by mjakmysia red hair by mjakmysia
kak radujetsa solnce by BigboyDenis red beauty by inge1902 Lady Crimson by WildRainOfIceAndFire
Fire by Staub-und-Schatten My heart feels light. by dialwrong East Wind by FlexDreams
Red Hair by stillpretty Auburn Emily 1 by JamesBrey Rapunzel, let down your hair. by coffee-and-pepper
Redhead. by Rutyt
redhead by 0sekhemet0 :thumb93874648:
:thumb55303185: redhead by amongmutes Redhead by xmiriam
Ginger by edips :thumb82025889: :thumb64304469:
Bitter Ginger Cocktail by CorinaLaCoeur ginger by whichever :thumb115439284:
:thumb112984226: _me.myself.and.i. by stopstaringatme :thumb74102853:

Milky by ploc Ginger by LogmanTM ginger by Glediska
Ginger Hair of Doom by koomber1664 :thumb95563846: :thumb67118923:
goodbye my friend by efedrina :thumb113483346: :thumb66718833:
:thumb119622974: :thumb121400625: Tenderness by Korneychuk
Derek Medlin: One by walker1812 stand ablaze by krystel every reason to by lukemj15
First in the series of features.. I decided to do a series of features of photographs sorted by hair color. Blonde. Redhead. Brunette. Black. Dyed. Mostly girls, but I made sure to include some boys.

feel the music by photoflake :thumb118119799: hoodie by legop4o
Julia..... by HellAngelBaby Sunshine Daydream by ISLAND-of-HOPE When it's cold as the rain by sayra
Satellite Mind by my-goddess Hollie: Twelve by walker1812 :thumb121091700:
She's so by ayo :thumb120889498: :thumb120518461:
stars and sons. by milkboxer :thumb119055305: Try This Number Next Time by EMmakeup
Blackground- Jacquie by my-goddess :thumb121899775:
:thumb119052211: :thumb44817131: Greensleeves by formercat
blonde statue by naaimad blonde punk by hybrid4u Don't tell me by techhjulie
You got nothing to hide by Fairystories :thumb88365139: molldoll by NatVon
:thumb119362384: :thumb122288597:
:thumb94798750: :thumb93170994: :thumb87595464:
something's all over me by ultramaryna :thumb78057600: Little Red Boy by FeelTheWorld
Profiled.XxX by Pretty-As-A-Picture :thumb61876508: 119 by omuryilmaz
Bar ii by Shmootzy NINA tender by Korneychuk :thumb105056488:
Fairy Tale by soulofautumn87 I don't wanna hurt no more. by AnjaRoehrich Hair by tom2001
I Like Bunny Milk by LaurenWK Age of innocence by eskimoblueboy joyjoyjoy by m0nobody
KIWI II by Basistka Hello by ninazdesign Floating on air by LivaSaule
blond by ClarissaSchwarz

My Juvenile by ploc :thumb61579995: :thumb83757487:
:thumb72153419: Absolute Gaze by danielcarter L'Importante E Finire by sophonisba
:thumb108956225: :thumb117706666: :thumb114612794:
nuff said. LOL.
So... I'm up in the "boonies" as a friend of mine puts it; Greenwood and Bayfield, WI. I'm with a friend, her parents and dog for the week up in a place colder than Chicago. I must be crazy. Well we've got some internet access from the neighbors, but I have to sit in awkward positions by the windows in order to get it. Lol. I also have my camera along, so if it's not too terribly cold out, I'll probably go shutter happy from lack of stuff to do. Haha..

On a sad note, my boyfriend, Antwon is in the army reserves as a nurse and he was just called to Iraq. And even more sadly, he'll be leaving before I get back from Wisconsin! AND I don't know how long he'll be gone. So it pretty much sucks. But I'll be okay. Prayer for him and for me would be great. :)
I'm up in Cherry Valley, IL visiting my cousins for Thanksgiving. And about an hour into the trip over is when I realized I forgot my camera. Damnit. Oh well. I'll make do. My cousin said I could borrow her little digital camera if I wanted. So I may take a couple photos on that to satisfy my photography urges. Lol.
For Halloween I have decided to be Jack Frost, despite the fact that he's a guy. I'll just be the female version I suppose. Although I guess Jack Frost normally wouldn't wear as many layers as I'm going to be wearing.. haha. I have dark brown hair though and I think of Jack Frost as having platinum blonde hair or blue hair.. I wish I could get my hands on a blonde wig, but I suppose I'll end up spraying my hair blue with that temporary hair color spray. :P Oh well.. I'll see how it all works out.
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